Book Preface

While the challenges we face on a daily basis are sometimes discouraging and overwhelming, it’s important to remember it is also evidence of personal growth.  The universe challenges us because we have grown all we can in our current place.  Even when we think we are just getting comfortable it has its sights set on what we really need by stripping away the familiar and forcing us to find a new vision for the future.  As we stand naked and afraid it is the unlimited possibilities, not our past failures, that frightens us the most.  The key is to let our true self shine through using our insight to see all the gifts that come from each transition.

Life will always be a series of goodbyes, sometimes people, sometimes places but most often pieces of ourselves that no longer reflect the person we are becoming.  While this is an uncomfortable part of the journey, it is a constant, and helps us to appreciate the times when things feel more permanent.  Find comfort in the presence of change, evidence that the universe is at work transforming the caterpillar into the butterfly.  Don’t forget the refuge of friendship, it is through community that we are able to endure the times when the burden is the great, and the path seems unclear.

Most importantly, imagine a bright future in brilliant colors with new and exciting configurations.  Know that thoughts are powerful and each of us can create all that we want if we seize the opportunities being presented.  Keep returning to the present moment and know that each breath is a blessing.  Every moment we have with food in our bellies, a roof over our head with friends and family that love us is a splendid gift.  Rejoice in all that is, for there is much to be thankful for if we have the eyes to see it.

This book is a collection of observations and insights that have come to me over a number of years.  Some have been very painful and others have been an inspirational high.  They have all been instrumental in adjusting my life into a much more balanced state of being.  As I examine my relationships and circumstances, they seem to be a mirror for my own self-reflection.  If you find these revelations useful in your own introspection, I am delighted.  If not, please set them aside and continue your search. 

I don’t claim to have the answers to life’s overwhelming questions.  I simply hope that by sharing my journey, it can help you on yours. 

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