About the Author

Diane currently lives near the Nashville, Tennessee area. She is a ReikiMaster and has studied 2nd level Bio-Energy healing with Mietek Wirkus. In 1997 and 2000 she visited Ecuador to observe and participate with tribal shamans from the Andes to deep in the Rain Forest. In 1999, she traveled to India to learn from oracles about local healing rituals. She travelled again to India/Nepal in 2015 with her teenage daughter to volunteer in various orphanages across the region.

She began practicing meditation originally in 1977 by adopting Transcendental Meditation (TM). After many many years of an inconsistent practice she began practicing Vipassana meditation in 2017. She does daily yoga to keep up her flexibility and attends silent retreats each year along with volunteering to serve other to keep her practice current and to grow deeper in the powerful technique of meditation for everyday living.

Diane began writing down her thoughts in the late 1980’s. She felt like she was alone in her thinking and had trouble finding like-minded people to share her thoughts with. Writing it down seemed like the only expression available. Eventually in 2000 she put her thoughts into book form and self published it by printing and binding it herself. She handed it out to friends and family and others that seems to be having some of the same experiences. She felt vulnerable putting her personal and sometimes painful experiences out for others to read. After a few years she felt liberated, and the experience of writing and printing her deep thoughts for distribution left her without the need to find others that felt the same. In many ways she didn’t feel the need to write anymore.

The world has changed a lot since 2000, publishing is a totally transformed industry. It occurred to her that it might be an option to finally offer her book on a larger scale though online publishing, electronic books and marketing with social media. She is just getting started on this leg of the journey and the urge to write new thoughts is beginning to surface. The world seems to not just want to hear the message but need to hear it to find some semblance of balance in our frantic lives.

Her quest for inner peace, balance and enlightenment is turning out to be a life long journey that she explores through normal daily living, connecting with other meditators and traveling to experience the energies of people all over the planet. The more places she visits the more similarities she sees in all beings. We are truly all in one earthly community and learning how to live peacefully with ourselves and others is the real reward.